June noted on my sandbox. Full of  sorrow and sandy. Minutes was leaving without starsea shinning. Could not imagine he was dumping here, alone at the sandland called hollow. Thought starsea will be accompany my life until the end of the world. Neverthless, it was just dellusion and hazeness. The weight of emptiness steps crack on my days by blue colour. Sweetiest is alike sugar which spreading on my sand table. Beauty is alike coral fishes which swims on the underwater of deepest sea. Every feeling became ironic and tragic through  the heavy days. 

Days lefted slowly, still dizzy with lunatic memorize of the story. Latte coffee stands bravely on the wood table. Making new glory of remaining stable. A thousand memory slipped away by Giordano smeels. Mysterious in scented, gets creepy  in veins tranfusion.
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