Winter is on my area conflict, are intimated with the gray clouds sky.  Cold and freeze are alike military faces. Covering the war conflict would not ended. I walk down throughly snow way of heroic path to find the best patriotic thought. Looking at sorrow of delight, the people runs to anywhere, everywehere, without a friend and family. A bomb falls down to the white ground. Explosion and frighten. The situation becomes chaotic, there is no one way out of white flag symbolic. Stucking at red field blood by the pieces of body light. Crying and screaming are hollowing voices, needs some helper to stop the war fight. This condition looks as tragedy pile, to get the worthy of state freedom awhile.

A green tank crosses the street. Driving the power stir of greaving. Two snipers get steady in gun position should be shooting the enemies who looks like sarcastic smiling face. Their eyes keep on watching, full of ready to be sharpening and investigating.

What I do is for humanity to be a doctor of human’s devotion. So many times I have to face the war conflict, hurry up with helping hand. This is where I belong and this is what I have to stand for. It was not easy but it is struggling. Seeing suffer was normally, could not go away and must be closer way. At moment, the house of red brick pallete was smashed by the rudal explosion. Harmful of scaring blurry. Shading by ammunition fog and blood scented. I hear to somebody speak softly, slowly in hurtpain echoing. “H-e-l-p...M-e...” whispering. Running faster penetrates the white light.

[This fiction story dedicated for devotion people in war conflict and purposed to The Build Your Own Blog New Writer Scholarship Competition 2015]