Rasa rindu merengkuh manja
Merintih pilu dibalik sukma
Rapuh ku disini bersama mimpi
Bagaikan pengembara yang merana sepi

Disini, ditempat sepi ini
Kucoba bangkit dan tegar berdiri
Menunggumu disini, ditempat ini!

#trudy_ana, August 29th,14
  dawn staire


It was still dawn here,
in the boring sphere
The room was cold,
As cold as my hold

Figure out your hold,
block out my wall
Haunt out your warm, rise out my cold

*Jakarta, August 25th, 2014 - trudy ana*

Talking about Love, there is magical atmosphere that we did not know how to explain it. Love is one of human's spirit that its makes our life into alive. Without love, the world seems so empty.  

Love is a magic. The affection of love can bring positif affect for our spirit, especially for those people who has got involving with that chemistry. Feeling like worthy as human appears to rebuild some confidence. They can feel like in seventh heaven when their crush in love. Smiling face always sees in their energetic day. No one could not pay how the chemistry of love appears in their life. 

Love is a greatfull power that god gives throughly our live. Do not deny yourself, when the love comes through your life. Just feeling it and you can find how the beauty world is on your face. Welcome to the love is!

*trudy_ana, august 23,14


Berdiri di sudut kota ini
Ditengah gelap malam 
Ditemani bias temaram lampu jalan

Sembilu terasa
Pekat menghujam didada
Jiwa nelangsa meraup sukma

Pada siapa ku mengadu
Bila lidahku terasa kelu
Pada siapa ku berharap
Bila secercah harap lebur membiru
Di sudut kota ini, ku berdiri
Berbingkai harap dan rindu

*10 agustus 2014 #jakarta


The world has changed and also the revolution of the human being got influence too. Many aspects of life have more unpredictable between white and black. Furthermore, some people believe that the life will fill so safely and comfortable if they can walk on right side; but in other hand, the people have their own perception in filling their colorful of life by "satisfaction" that it can be found at everywhere and anywhere, no matter wrong or right as long their needed.
Supporting with that matter, today many leisure places has built and spreading out in many strategic area. Of course the purposing is to attract the "satisfaction" consumers come for enjoying their desire after stacking busy in their working or anything. So, the busy hour of the people is not stopped base on the certain schedule or time like usually do. Mostly after working hours especially in the night, they tried to figure out their demand desire to find some fun like they wanted to be or sort of their prestige to prove that they can be apart of higher class of community. The unique reaction from their act, they think that "the night world is more important and more precious rather than others moment in a day!". How can be it ?! If the reality we see, the men and women hang out to go to some favorite place for making some have "fun" in there. Actually these cases are interested much over, the risk of these reactions can bring bad effect in our life especially in human behavior or maybe their attitude and many others can be happened. Let's come to the fact that it refers to the bad effect as the sequence of night world; "the night seems so wild !" :

Firstly, Talking about money. To find some pleasure desire, people can do a thing as long as their desire can be fill into reality. They didn't care about the material thing; likely money. They can spend their money much more spending out as their sacrifice to fill in their desire on without doubtless. Money seems nothing rather than satisfaction that they can get from their fun in wild world of night.

Secondly, The negative influence. Generally, the night world is connected with negative effect. For instance, commonly drug dealers search for their victim; a lot of prostitution and many more the negative side can make a moral of people into awful. It looks so tragic; there is none avoiding that risk if there is no more faith in yourself for doing well.

Thirdly, Time seems no precious. The role of busy hours has changed. The nighter spends their rest time at noon. They are gone out at night as the busy "working" hours. The proportional of time is more refferring on the activity at night. The important thing become unimportant and unimportant became important, it is so ridiculous.

Well, the tragedy was happened surround us. The modern era can not give some guarantee for living for living in safely for us. The risk is more making so complication and of course a more became decrease rapidly. The social cases rise up day by day without avoiding. The matter stands between white and black. The polemic has grown without any solution yet.The social tries to figure out the answer of human behavior and all the solution of human's polemic. They thought that the changing of world because spinning world as the sequence from extinct era into modern one transition. According with that, the religious said that all the symptoms relate with the real "the end of the world" evidential. 
Now, the certain question only one, What will you choose between white and black ?!.The easier answer is all depending on yourself because you have known the fact you will choice as your better one in your life, no matter only you as decision. 
For consciousness, feb 25 F.APublished: February 252008   

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