Love walks elegant in the hectic stores. Full of brand and pricetag get filled in. Wearing white cardigan and blue wedges shoes suitable with the noon at moment. Casual, beauty, and a little bit glamour by natural smoke eyes make-up. Love looks so familiar behalf of faith street name. Sliding so slowly through the person name. If Love is a sweet sin divine, ready to be the sweet diviner. 

Let the stressed on it, "will be the sweet sinner of it."
"Ouch, the sound is interesting..."says Love to herself.

Want to wrap the love sets by the gold paper, in the person paper's store. Glamour in packaging and having name label in. The song of love ryhme plays around with the sweetiest lyric gets hypnotize of herself. The person voice sings in misery in mocking lyric style, but it describe the love feels inside. Different and shallow. Get out to go, however not already to go. Love may be the sweet monster if you command to be right lover. Actually, love the way when the love person lies because the gold of love comes true delivery by the tries. 

The noon could be rain. The feeling could be mixed of hectic reaction inside, morever the desire is still needing to be alive. Love knocks at blue's door. Getting to come in, unfortunely she slams the door to be open in. The temptation desire was making her hurt with  thousand words of denying files. So hurt as like as knives slightly on her veins.

Love is only to say "Just, staying out there! Your boundary was not here, did not belong here...."
"More than you know, loving you is a pain that have to be free for making you free."

You might be having nice suit clothes in the eyes and looking good by magical ryhme of sweet temptation. Neverthless, your action was not describing that you are loving Love much.
"Can I have your name, sir?, ask Love to stationery keeper
"If the love greets desire, I will be call on your heart name, someday." Love whispers through the keeper's ears with classy walking out.

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