A metropolis city is a place where I belong. Whole years splendid by time and space. The city masquerade are invisible by dramatic, hectic and interest. That is what we called a metropolis city where the heart place of a state. Never think will be staying here altogether with glory resonance of the city. Just imagine should be alive by human activities.

The city is reasonable. The busy hours are promising. The space is demanding. Yeah, a place you can find your luck to be success or failure. Many screams of humans’s speak loudly surrounds me singing a song of lunatic lyric. Should be staying alive here with whole name of prestige or could be not restless behalf of unlucky name as alive tag. It consists of how you can feel to survive here without doubtless, but glorious.

This is where I stand to be alive. When the life is choosen nobody could be deny it. A metropolis teaches how to be struggle to see an eye of masquerade city. People gets rush by hours. Dream comes true as respiration. The street has got their own name of faith and survive. Illusion became entertaining situation, and lunatic is accompany friend. It is wild and sentimental world.


Her name is Rose, the combination of beautiful creature and sharpen thorn. The beauty without hidden traps. Looks in sincerely and mystery. Thorn is not as a enemy, its just a friend protection of her existance. The mystery sphere shadows her elegant spathe which surrounds the sweet crown. A magical shapes sees me around. The sharpen thorn does not kill you as poison touch, but leads on you with romantic pouch.


June noted on my sandbox. Full of  sorrow and sandy. Minutes was leaving without starsea shinning. Could not imagine he was dumping here, alone at the sandland called hollow. Thought starsea will be accompany my life until the end of the world. Neverthless, it was just dellusion and hazeness. The weight of emptiness steps crack on my days by blue colour. Sweetiest is alike sugar which spreading on my sand table. Beauty is alike coral fishes which swims on the underwater of deepest sea. Every feeling became ironic and tragic through  the heavy days. 

Days lefted slowly, still dizzy with lunatic memorize of the story. Latte coffee stands bravely on the wood table. Making new glory of remaining stable. A thousand memory slipped away by Giordano smeels. Mysterious in scented, gets creepy  in veins tranfusion.


stand at the blurry corner
side to side by darkness venue inside
speak softly through whole thorn
tears down creeping from my eyes brown
as like a secret diamond glowing from the earth ground

breathing, neverthless to mourn
blocking and to lock
kind of symbol of wreckless
painful writes down wildness
yapping as a dog on the black cage
wrinkling with embroidery yarn
wild and twits
kiss the tears


faith street looks so busy
getting rush in hours and activities
people walks at two side of street line
headed down to their's feet
smile up with shinning white teeth
beautiful gesture with various hopes
among black and white destiny blast
return to be someone good
talk to hide groan
stairing as like as werewolves eyes
whenever action becomes unless satisfaction
they could be through by the right
without something to be proud
just showing face's pride


try to walk away
from edges road
to long bridges

affection through impression
catch to breath
lock on silence

CATCH MY BREATH [A Flash Fiction Story]
Winter is on my area conflict, are intimated with the gray clouds sky.  Cold and freeze are alike military faces. Covering the war conflict would not ended. I walk down throughly snow way of heroic path. To find the best patriotic thought. Looking at sorrow of delight, the people runs to anywhere, everywehere, without a friend and family. A bomb falls down to the white ground. Explosion and frighten. The situation becomes chaotic, there is no one way out of white flag symbolic. Stucking at red field blood by the pieces of body light. Crying and screaming are hollowing voices, needs some helper to stop the war fight. This condition looks as tragedy pile, to get the worthy of state freedom awhile.
A green tank crosses the street. Driving the power stir of greaving. Two snipers get steady in gun position should be shooting the enemies who looks like sarcastic smiling face. Their eyes keep on watching, full of ready to be sharpening and investigating.
What I do is for humanity to be a doctor of human’s devotion. So many times I have to face the war conflict, hurry up with helping hand. This is where I belong and this is what I have to stand for. It was not easy but it is struggling. Seeing suffer was normally, could not go away and must be closer way. At moment, the house of red brick pallete was smashed by the rudal explosive. Harmful of scaring blurry. Shading by ammunition fog and blood scented. I hear to somebody speak softly, slowly in hurtpain echoing. “H-e-l-p...M-e...” whispering. Running faster penetrates the white light.