A metropolis city is a place where I belong. Whole years splendid by time and space. The city masquerade are invisible by dramatic, hectic and interest. That is what we called a metropolis city where the heart place of a state. Never think will be staying here altogether with glory resonance of the city. Just imagine should be alive by human activities.

The city is reasonable. The busy hours are promising. The space is demanding. Yeah, a place you can find your luck to be success or failure. Many screams of humans’s speak loudly surrounds me singing a song of lunatic lyric. Should be staying alive here with whole name of prestige or could be not restless behalf of unlucky name as alive tag. It consists of how you can feel to survive here without doubtless, but glorious.

This is where I stand to be alive. When the life is choosen nobody could be deny it. A metropolis teaches how to be struggle to see an eye of masquerade city. People gets rush by hours. Dream comes true as respiration. The street has got their own name of faith and survive. Illusion became entertaining situation, and lunatic is accompany friend. It is wild and sentimental world.
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